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What’s going on

We haven’t done an actual “how we are doing” update since we moved from our last house. And since we are iced in from the always unpredictable Texas winter weather, we thought we’d speak as to how life has been for us.

It’s not easy to move and the first part of the year was our house being sold out from under us and having to pick a house, any house, to live in. It was a taxing time, and one which really took us on a journey of facing ourselves and what steps we needed to take control of our health. Heather has been on a journey that meant new doctors, correcting chemical imbalances and discovering life on the other side of anxiety and chemical depression. We have been closer than ever and walking together through it all.

In the middle overcoming beyond a few challenges, we got an amazing little black and white tuxedo Pekingese puppy named Clio August Liles! He is definitely Emory’s brother, but entirely different – all rough and tumble. He is what we call the bruise cruise! Our family is a matched little foursome. Our baby boys? Perfect. (to us)

We have been looking for a house/condo/apartment/anything that is right for us. And it is so so so difficult to find a lease house for us and our future plans. Why Fort Worth why?! But this town isn’t all bad, sometimes boring to tears, but not all bad. We have found the healing needed to visit churches, and have spent some time at The Village Church Fort Worth Campus.

So as the holidays have begun, how do you sum up a year? The best word I can think of is that its been a year of transition. We are grateful, we are honest in knowing our struggles aren’t over and that family and community is something we need more of. That, and a big dose of the Christmas spirit.
Because things go a little haywire when we have been iced into our house for 4+ days!

So, bring on the holiday cheer! And family time to ring in another year of possibility, challenge and hope!



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Photo Diary

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Here and There



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It’s November! Can you believe it? November! I can’t even start. Barely more than a month until 2014, so some attitude was surely needed for these photos. The leaves are falling and it’s almost tights weather. There is so much coming up…definitely stay tuned!

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Kiki’s Delivery Service


I’m back from Disney! And, it just happens to be Halloween and we of course continue our tradition of dressing up as semi-obscure characters? No, but really we love anime films from Studio Ghibli, and this year we went as one of my favorites – Kiki and Tombo from the amazing Kiki’s Delivery Service! Well, at least our version of a young adult Kiki and Tombo! It just makes us want multiple Halloweens a year so we have an excuse to delve into cosplay dress-up for all our favorite films! And the pups? Well, they went as salty sailor dogs, naturally. I may miss Disney and the lovely adventure I had with my Mom, but it’s good to be home with these boys of mine.

Happy Halloween!


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Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch


Well, it’s officially the beginning of the holiday season (yes, it runs from Halloween to New Years according to us) for our household, as we made our third annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Heather, Emory and I are two year veterans, BUT Mister Clio August Liles was a rookie. And there were some rookie mistakes made. Like running off from his family, and not knowing what to do with a million kids running around. But all in all? A good trip. The weather was good so our preferred pumpkin patch was busy with kids and parents alike. Emory is a pro. He loves all the attention, as you can see from his ridiculous facial expressions! But it was time well spent the week before Heather heads off to Disney World with her mom. Us boys love her, and it is going to be a madhouse without her I am sure. But one thing is for sure, the weather is perfect and its time to stock up on the ever elusive red-hots because its more and more time to make wassail and holiday treats!

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Smile You’re On Camera


When you see an abandoned service station that says Smile You’re On Camera? You pull over? Yes, you pull over, go rogue stye if you will for the good of the blog. In other news, another day and another case of two unhappy little boys. We keep telling them that they get to go to the pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin out…’cause you know that is what every little pup wants to do. PICK a darn pumpkin out! But we had another meeting that kept us from it again, yet we swear come rain or shine we are getting those boys to the pumpkin patch!

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On Board


Jumping for Disney World! 5 days!


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