Lost in Drawers

Month: March, 2010

sweet beautiful friends

Our amazing, talented, hilarious, photographer Shawn friend came to visit Texas from New Jersey

Busy Sweet Perfect Simple Little Days





Birthday weekend extravaganza

The blank canvas of our home



First a little BBQ lunch

Then on to Ikea

Have you ever taken a road trip?  Now, have you ever taken an indoor road trip?  A rainy late afternoon drive down freeways and around toll roads led us post-BBQ to IKEA.  And that is were our road trip began.  It is more than two Swedish MegaMarts stacked on top of each other — IKEA is modern, but the staged rooms look old in a good way, like the 250 sq ft setup that echoed how one can successfully live in NYC in an apartment the size of a shoe box.  You wonder through a path of real and faux wood furniture and upholstery made of canvases and suedes.  You get inspired, you are often overwhelmed and then you are saved by the cafeteria turned roadside oasis, where they sell you cheap Swedish eats.  And in the end, you find some deals, and you have  some photographs and you return to your place wanting to redecorate… an indoor road trip in the middle of flat suburban Texas.