Coral Dress

by lostindrawers

Who doesn’t like a little vintage dress now and again..and I happen to have just a few little keepers. Many of them have holes in the sleeves, ripped seams, uneven hems you know the usual wear and tear of garments. On our way to eat after our very exciting trip in the Ft. Worth Log Cabins (post will be made later) I ask him while looking at the little tear in the right sleeve…”I wonder who wore this dress?” “When she got it or why she made it?” “How did this hole in the right sleeve happen?” So my husband proceeds to tell me the story of this specific Coral Dress.I have many more dresses..I hope this is a theme and he gets even more and more creative.

Anne was born 1919 in Atlanta, Georgia to a well off family. Her father was in textiles, and her mother ran the house-which included her twin older brothers and her younger sister, Claire. When the depression hit the south, Atlanta went from being the great southern city it once was to a town on the brink of poverty. Anne’s father lost the mill but made a small living selling fabric to families too poor to shop at the stores downtown. Anne taught herself how to sew and this dark coral dress was the second one she made – her favorite. She wore it to church, the soup kitchen around town. When things got especially tough- Anne would put on her lace dress, pin her hair and join her family for dinner of stale bread, watered down soup and fake boiled coffee. This dress made all the troubles fade away and life was grand.

Time got better, Anne’s dad rebuilt a factory making uniforms for the Army. Anne married a navy recruiter and this dress saw her honeymoon in Savannah, leaving the hospital with their first born- a girl. This dress got older, with a tear in the sleeve-but Anne kept it. She passed it down, with the story in tow. It was found in a consignment store where the owner kindly put us in touch with a granddaughter. The story was rediscovered- the story of the coral dress.