and time stood still

by lostindrawers

Do you remember your childhood?  Or is it a passing memory, a faint image?  Heather and I experienced something one rarely gets to feel and see in adulthood.  My childhood came roaring back into vivid color as we visited Fort Worth’s Log Cabin Village.  Set in the middle of the west side, near the university campus this “living historical museum” was one I had visited on a field trip for school.  I didn’t appreciate it then like I do now.  Then it was more about the idea of the cowboy life than the world I see now when we explored the cabins and artifacts.  Heather commented that it was her favorite adventure in Fort Worth.   It was, because I think it showed us that life was hard then and that life is hard now.   The difference is the power of living simply.  Life was a constant challenge in the 19th century, but the key seemed to be simplicity.  Now, our lives are so complicated by the very things that are supposed to make things easier.  And we drown and cease to create and tap into our ability to dream.  And this is the message we must hear now.  If we are to see our dreams clearly, we must find a place where we can live simply.