A dress worn ’round the world

by lostindrawers

Sometimes a piece of clothing has a life of its own. It can be worn, discarded and forgotten- or it can live in pictures and memories. This floral dress has seen more of the  world than some of us. Made in the 1940s, this dress was created to make a scene. The war had ended and Claire was in love with a lieutenant. Her man was a hero- even though he never fought because Tom was the face of the U.S. Armed Forces at the matinee movie houses from sea to shining sea in truth, he was an actor- and he promised to take Claire to Hollywood. This dress was her stepping our party. Goodbye Cleavland, Hello California! The morning of the big road trip west, Claire stood on the sidewalk waiting. She waited, and she waited- in her fabulous floral dress. Tom never came, and Claire never saw him again. But as she stood again in front of her vanity mirror, Claire reminded herself that this dress was still a sign that she would become somebody- somebody who did see the world. The dress that saw a dozen countries and a woman born out of a girl.