Polka Dot Dress

by lostindrawers

Sometimes a person lives a lifetime in the span of a year. It was 1970, Mary set sail for the coast of Spain on the last great ship liner of its kind. The plan was simple, take in the sun, study in Madrid for a few weeks, drink wine, write enough to fill a journal- then catch a flight home back to her life in the Midwest. The coast was beautiful and bright; as Mary went from store to store, she saw the polka dot dress. “Why not- it’s  just one dollar American” she thought. Later the night at the nearest cafe, over tapas Mary saw a glimpse of the life she would lead for the next 12 months. She never asked his name, but three hours into the cold morning air she found herself sitting by his side, picking out the words in Spanish she knew. The beginning. Revolution. Change. And so she danced right through the dawn in that polka dot dress. She ran from the clash of club to knife. She shouted for Freedom. She felt alive- very much a live, in this polka dot dress.