Knit Dress (1960s)

by lostindrawers

Sometimes when you are looking for an adventure, it finds you in the most unexpected ways.  A dress is more than a dress when you find it at the perfect moment.  A knit dress that was worn on a first date in 1963 – to the drive-in became a dress that saw the city limits of a small Kansas town in the rear view mirror and the bright lights of the Windy City at night. Adventure found the dress, and it found the girl.  This was the dress that saw a girl become a woman and teach a boy how to be a man. Cool days in the park looking for shapes in clouds gave way to the fog of hot jazz in the city’s back alley clubs.  This was a knit dress that saw the world open up to the skies in half a decade, and then collapse again upon itself as children were born and the Midwest began to grow old with history and the effects of time.  Soon, it saw Chicago in the rear view mirror and the vast opportunities of Texas ahead. The story is wide open and the dress had untold stories yet to tell when it once again found the right girl looking for adventure nearly half a century from its start.  And now with its history written, this knit dress has a whole new life of adventures to see.