Lost in Drawers

Month: May, 2010

60th Post!!?

What can we say about 60 posts?  This blog is a snapshot of our life, and the journey continues to take us to new places and on new adventures.  When we met it was summer and now a few years later, the feeling is the same as it ever was – we are looking for what is around the bend.  From the night we became a couple, to the night we got engaged and to the day we got married – the one constant is that we are always moving forward, and there is a peace in the knowledge that together, life is beautiful.

Stylin’ it up

Photographer: Jill Broussard


Models: Samantha Rodriguez and Joshua Rodriguez

There is something exciting about being in a photography studio.  It is a feeling of sheer creativity, of making something simply work, adapting to capture a moment, a feeling.  It is freeing, in a controlled environment.  Getting to work with my friend Jill on this shoot of sister and brother was a delight and stoked my creative side in a whole new way.

Husband Braids

Panther City

Mummys Day Weekend

There are times when you experience a moment, or a set of moments so simple that you cannot shake how important they are.  The recent weekend spent with family was not full of grand plans and itineraries – to be frank most of it was spent around a lovely new table (complete with colorful umbrella!) on a patio.  This was a weekend to love on family – a moment to thank someone (Heather’s mom, Nancy) for simply being herself in our world and life.  And so four days progressed simply and were filled with a comfort that is not found in the rush of trying to “do stuff” but rather in being present in the moments that mark the best part of life.  Moments were you feel loved and at peace with the world.  For us, it was where we stopped thinking about all the “what ifs” and “what nexts” of life and simply lived inside a set of moments that give us strength for days, weeks and months to come.


Skorting it up

What seemed like forever two or three fevers down a sick sick Heather is all better. SO we went outside and it was like I had never been outside in my life. I put on my red lips and skorted it up…many adventures were found.

A new morning full of streaming light

I am often awoken before my tired head wants to get up but the sunlight is streaming into our room.  But there is something about this light that I need, that I crave – serving as a reminder of exactly why it pours into this room every morning as I wake.  Light is beautiful, illuminating that which is to cherished and exposing that which is to be removed and swept away in time.  The woman I wake up to every morning is the light of my life.  A gift from the spirit around us, she moves in the rooms of my heart like a soft song… illuminating all that is good and encouraging me to sweep away those things no longer required.  I am married to a woman who is beautiful, and in every kind of light.


Mother’s Day and a Flea

This weekend was full of mummies (except mine which we will see next weekend), a little tea party, and then we found our Flea Market..the fleas of all fleas..and we have been to some baaaaad Fleas. 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s style blouses for 25 cents…$1? yes, of course, carpet bags for $3! pristine dresses for $1… hats, nice nice bicycles, good old but working cameras….and the icing on the cake was the amazingly sweet older sellers that tell you the stories of each of their items. We got too busy/happy to take that many pictures and will be going back….of we WILL go back 🙂


we have been “‘gleeing”