Mummys Day Weekend

by lostindrawers

There are times when you experience a moment, or a set of moments so simple that you cannot shake how important they are.  The recent weekend spent with family was not full of grand plans and itineraries – to be frank most of it was spent around a lovely new table (complete with colorful umbrella!) on a patio.  This was a weekend to love on family – a moment to thank someone (Heather’s mom, Nancy) for simply being herself in our world and life.  And so four days progressed simply and were filled with a comfort that is not found in the rush of trying to “do stuff” but rather in being present in the moments that mark the best part of life.  Moments were you feel loved and at peace with the world.  For us, it was where we stopped thinking about all the “what ifs” and “what nexts” of life and simply lived inside a set of moments that give us strength for days, weeks and months to come.