Bo’s Birthday shenanigans and adventures

by lostindrawers

Bo turned 31 on Saturday so we decided to head to the beach which was a pretty fabulous weekend. We explored the gulf, got sand everywhere, the sun was shhhhhhhhhining with all its might and not a cloud in sight. Ferris wheels, good food, our first ferris wheel ride, all in all a very retro birthday and can I just say how very proud, and honored that he is my husband. I could not have asked for a more creative, truly caring, give the shirt off his back to a stranger, incredibly  smart, so very witty, amazing man of God.

Oh and we documented our little trip..this is part one..we have our other camera getting developed. I’m always curious to see how they will turn out..ya know digital has taken over film is so classic yet so unpredictable. Anyway we are heading to a little Alice in Wonderland Summer fest this Friday that I am beyond excited about……giant drink me bottles…I’m there…a maze with 3-d glasses..of course!