Poppy Dress

by lostindrawers

She wasn’t from around here, but this was her town.  She knew its ins and outs.  She knew who to call in a bind, who to call when she needed to vent.  And on those nights when she needed to feel on top of the world, this was the dress she wore.  In a dress like this, she was confident – she was poised – she owned this town.  This dress turned heads without compromising her dignity.  This dress symbolized everything the world could be on a good night out.  She loved her life and this dress…oh this dress showed the world that in this town, or any town in the world, life was what you made it.  She wore this dress across three decades – because when you find a good thing, you stick with it.  And a dress was not like a man, it never changed, and rarely did it disagree with you when you where the one changing.  It was the perfect dress, for that night out and for the inevitable brunch the next day.  It was bright, it was resilient, and it was understatedly strong. It was just like her.  And it still is.  After all these years, this is the dress for the woman who owns her town, and her life.

I feel like this little dress has a story to tell so Bo told it..a girl can dream right?!…made of the most delicate fabric looks like its from the 30’s or 40’s…bright red poppies, and sweetest little collar.