Lost in Drawers

Month: July, 2010

everything I love gets lost in drawers

This weekend was a working road trip… something we seem to be doing more and more.  We headed southeast to house-sit our beloved Bailey Behr and her feline sister Sammy.  While there, we shot some location pictures for our upcoming online project, which you will be hearing about more often.  I find it incredible to work together, to offer something that hopefully will get people excited about style and how to make all of our closets a little more interesting.  So, in the span of a couple of days, we drove several hundred miles of Texas roads, we spoiled our Pomeranian with too many treats (even when she acted way too sassy) and we went down a new rabbit hole of adventure which we hope will bring some analog joy to those of you who find our little corner of the digital world.


I am utterly just in a funk..a non- creative… where is my life going… the worlds crazy…kind of funk. You know?Is that too personal for a blaggy blog blog? As my whole family is in New Orleans…we are to look after the sweet babes that are Sammy the cat and  love of my life, Bailey. So we are going to drive drive drive to east Texas, check out local area Farmers markers, sleep in, eat amazing food and just beeeeeee..and that sounds fan freaking tastic!

T-Rex and Pie

Is there anything greater than T-Rex arms?  Or for that matter, dinosaurs in general?  Around our house, Jurassic Park has been on heavy replay thanks to cable television.  So, what else is in order than a trip to the metropolis of Glen Rose Texas and its claim to fame – Dinosaur Valley State Park!  An hour or so drive from our fair city.  Greeted by a pair of life sized dinosaurs replicas, I have to say there is nothing that makes me giggle more than the T-Rex.  We happened to be there on the hottest day this summer in north Texas, and there was a lot of walking and not enough dinosaur tracks in the rocks around the shoreline.  We agreed that most people are there for the Paluxy River.  But let me tell you, any disappointment was vanquished with the discovery of the Pie Peddlers pie shop downtown Glen Rose. They are in the running for the best pie ever. No, really. Best. Ever. A slice of chocolate meringue and a bottle of coke later, and we were off to explore the back roads of Texas to our hearts content.  And for that, I have a place in my heart for the T-Rex and Texas pie.

~ Bo

Marcelina Amelia

Sometimes, art enraptures you – taking you in, making you feel apart of a world that is simultaneously yours and in a way, new and foreign.  And sometimes, you get to be a part of that world in the concrete of reality.

This is the work of  an amazing illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, painter, mixed media artist, creator, and beyond stylish lady in her own right: Marcelina Amelia is so stinking talented it is unreal…I’m entirely captivated, having been a fan of her work for years (If I had my way I’d have her artwork on every wall all over our house).  I have so many pictures saved that I can’t possible upload them all..so I’ll just leave you with these favorites:


and I kinda of like these last two..ya know its nice to be in the pictures…art as concrete memory. I like how she captured my round knees and pointed toes…:)

Sometimes Fridays are meant for couples to dress up

It’s the weeeeeekend! Finally, even thought it wasn’t a very long week due to the 4th..but here it is! We might be heading to the Fort Worth Cattle Barn Flea Market, again tomorrow. It seems to be that since the city took away the free parking both vendors and customers have stayed way and it has dwindled down. We (the city and us) need the flea..so you should totally support it and any local businesses wherever you may be, its so very important.

817-372-8896. Will Rogers Memorial Center Barn #1

SAT & SUN Open every weekend only from 9am-5pm Saturday & 9am-4pm Sunday. Th.


You have it pretty good in life when you can see your city’s fireworks display right from your front yard


A little taste of the Road life

We highly highly recommended  taking a little road trip to the Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson County, TX. It was beyond what we thought it would be. Not just a zoo with animals behind bars but a petting area and a safari where you can actually touch zebras, camels, bison..I mean come on.  Hanging out with baby the deer was the highlight for me obviously..because who doesn’t love a tiny baby deer. And even though the doe decided to eat the back of my dress, I’m guessing because it was green they were as cute as could be. After that we washed our hands and headed over to the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, Tx…and for the love of God…diner food?! Pot roast..chicken friend steak…lemon pie…chocolate pie… that was quite a treat for us. We totally don’t eat like that everyday, so you can imagine how happy we were. sigh…well we are resting now..road trips are a beating, even day ones..I don’t even know what I’m going to go when we go to New Orleans in a couple of weeks. Lots of magazines, snacks, music and the open road.


Happy Birthday America

That’s about as patriotic as we are going to get in the Liles household, folks (my husband thought the ascot fit the Team America mood)..It would appear to be the 4th of July weekend, so far that has meant spending time with family, lucking out at the Flea Market, BBQs! That’s the kind of USA I wanna live in. I actually do feel really blessed to live in the America, the Texas…We lucked out on the weather. SO the baby deer..the amazing pie..is back on! Austin here we come!

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

Our 4th of July plans got completely ruin because of this Texas weather, RAIN RAIN RAIN..not a huge fan of it..but I am soo trying to make the best of it. So we will miss out on the baby deer and feeding zebras and really great pies..but there is always another weekend. Its no secret that I document things in our life. I pulled out my camera probaly the 3rd time we hung out as not to scare the boy. My husband before me…or so he says..that is never liked his picture taken….well things have changed.  So it was fourth of july 08′, I brought my camera out…he sheepishly shied away from me..but then loosened up. I’m so glad he did. Now I have a lot of our memories forever.  Later that night he almost set a whole field on fire due to a rouge roman candle…that was not documented…but will never be forgotten.

p.s. I like that in both of these pictures we have some sort of red, white and blue going on…

Here is out first two 4th of Julys together:



imaginer le film

We decided to play with film of Bo’s birthday weekend…it was interesting to say the least. One never knows what film will do left to its on devices. We got very little actual pictures..but it made everything suppppper blue, which is ethereal and nice. I so like film cameras, but they are oh so expensive and fickle…so for now film will be for special occasions.  Until then…heres my boy enjoying some fun in the sun.