You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

by lostindrawers

Our 4th of July plans got completely ruin because of this Texas weather, RAIN RAIN RAIN..not a huge fan of it..but I am soo trying to make the best of it. So we will miss out on the baby deer and feeding zebras and really great pies..but there is always another weekend. Its no secret that I document things in our life. I pulled out my camera probaly the 3rd time we hung out as not to scare the boy. My husband before me…or so he says..that is never liked his picture taken….well things have changed.  So it was fourth of july 08′, I brought my camera out…he sheepishly shied away from me..but then loosened up. I’m so glad he did. Now I have a lot of our memories forever.  Later that night he almost set a whole field on fire due to a rouge roman candle…that was not documented…but will never be forgotten.

p.s. I like that in both of these pictures we have some sort of red, white and blue going on…

Here is out first two 4th of Julys together: