A little taste of the Road life

by lostindrawers

We highly highly recommended  taking a little road trip to the Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson County, TX. It was beyond what we thought it would be. Not just a zoo with animals behind bars but a petting area and a safari where you can actually touch zebras, camels, bison..I mean come on.  Hanging out with baby the deer was the highlight for me obviously..because who doesn’t love a tiny baby deer. And even though the doe decided to eat the back of my dress, I’m guessing because it was green they were as cute as could be. After that we washed our hands and headed over to the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, Tx…and for the love of God…diner food?! Pot roast..chicken friend steak…lemon pie…chocolate pie… that was quite a treat for us. We totally don’t eat like that everyday, so you can imagine how happy we were. sigh…well we are resting now..road trips are a beating, even day ones..I don’t even know what I’m going to go when we go to New Orleans in a couple of weeks. Lots of magazines, snacks, music and the open road.