Marcelina Amelia

by lostindrawers

Sometimes, art enraptures you – taking you in, making you feel apart of a world that is simultaneously yours and in a way, new and foreign.  And sometimes, you get to be a part of that world in the concrete of reality.

This is the work of  an amazing illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, painter, mixed media artist, creator, and beyond stylish lady in her own right: Marcelina Amelia is so stinking talented it is unreal…I’m entirely captivated, having been a fan of her work for years (If I had my way I’d have her artwork on every wall all over our house).  I have so many pictures saved that I can’t possible upload them I’ll just leave you with these favorites:

and I kinda of like these last two..ya know its nice to be in the pictures…art as concrete memory. I like how she captured my round knees and pointed toes…:)