T-Rex and Pie

by lostindrawers

Is there anything greater than T-Rex arms?  Or for that matter, dinosaurs in general?  Around our house, Jurassic Park has been on heavy replay thanks to cable television.  So, what else is in order than a trip to the metropolis of Glen Rose Texas and its claim to fame – Dinosaur Valley State Park!  An hour or so drive from our fair city.  Greeted by a pair of life sized dinosaurs replicas, I have to say there is nothing that makes me giggle more than the T-Rex.  We happened to be there on the hottest day this summer in north Texas, and there was a lot of walking and not enough dinosaur tracks in the rocks around the shoreline.  We agreed that most people are there for the Paluxy River.  But let me tell you, any disappointment was vanquished with the discovery of the Pie Peddlers pie shop downtown Glen Rose. They are in the running for the best pie ever. No, really. Best. Ever. A slice of chocolate meringue and a bottle of coke later, and we were off to explore the back roads of Texas to our hearts content.  And for that, I have a place in my heart for the T-Rex and Texas pie.

~ Bo