Lost in Drawers

Month: August, 2010

Mary Blair

I was feeling uninspired so I started looking through my bookcase waiting for something to jump out at me. Of course the majority of my bookshelf is full of my collection of  Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland books. So the Mary Blair illustrated ‘Alice in Wonderland’ stood out on this particular day. Probably the colors, the the flowers, unique portions of the characters. Just looking though the pages i was in awe, I mean I have had this book for several years. But I guess really connected to it today. I know and have seen Mary Blair’s illustrations before but decided to do some more research. I remember my last Disney World trip we were standing in line and I glanced over at some concept art for Peter Pan..my family went on to the ride and I stayed behind and took pictures of all the artwork.

An imaginative color stylist and designer, Mary Blair helped introduce modern art to Walt Disney and his Studio, and for nearly 30 years, he touted her inspirational work for his films and theme parks alike. Animator Marc Davis, who put Mary’s exciting use of color on a par with Matisse, recalled, “She brought modern art to Walt in a way that no one else did. He was so excited about her work.” {disney legends}

You can have a town, why don’t you take it

We have the greatest downtown, as well as an impressive water garden and I love a garden. I had a full day of sewing and projects. Then the thrift angels smiled upon me at our local Thrift Town. A cream sheer polka dot, accordion pleat skirt? which was in another ladies shopping cart..she for some reason put it back..lucky for me I waited her out. I wore pants today, I had a Mary Tyler Moore moment and I’m much more a Bewitched and shorter hemlines and mary janes kind of gal …but eh..if you are feeling a moment..go with it.

Sparklin’ Sunday

Church, yummy lunch, day of rest..what can I say?! We are in bed eating pot roast sliders and brownies..resting and living. Calla is fed and I seem to find these little H’s everywhere we seem to go…life’s little winks and nods.

Cheers to the day of rest,


French Connection dress: Buffalo Exchange
70’s necklace: Buffalo Exchange
shoes: Nine West

Let your days be sunny and bright

Some days are meant for adventure, for celebration, for giving of ourselves.  Saturdays usually are meant for sleeping, and these days a new mattress and sheets make it all the more appealing.  But today was different, we awoke earlier than usual and headed to volunteer at our local church for Angel Food Ministries which provides all kinds of people good food for insanely low prices.  It was a blessing to give of our time and lives, sharing in stories and getting so much more in return.  Then we went off to find Heather a birthday outfit, which was successful after a few stores…and much laughter about the insanity of hordes of Texan women shopping at discount stores.  We then quickly dashed to get ready for the highlight of the day, our friends Jason and Jennifer‘s adorable 2-year old daughter Lila’s birthday party.  A swirling kaleidoscope of small children  running, splashing, eating, ripping into wrapping paper and the parents, uncles, cameras and friends all around…I believe it was a success and we had so much fun laughing at the innocent of kids. A romp in a manicured lawn in the city, an Icee and a snack later and we returned to that aforementioned pillow-top mattress and 500 thread count sheets. I am grateful for so much, and for my wife for making this life of ours an adventure that is stored away on hard drives and hearts. ~Bo

Life lately:


Snow more Heat

Its hot and miserable in Texas…it’s August and horrible heat waves don’t give up, enough that you can’t sleep at almost midnight..I hope my dreams include more days like this: bring it on TEXAS!

Maybe I’m too old fashioned for this show

I’ve decided night time attire needs to be vintage slip dresses only. So fancy for summer nights. My husband is away with a friend, I have things to do around the house..put the newly arranged flowers out, eat some double chocolate birthday cake, feed Calla her cat food…This is a smooth night, folks…a smooth night. Earlier we went to Trinity Park and I’m always in love and impressed  with what our city has to offer whether it be our many parks that are never intrusive there is enough to go around for everyone, zoo, fields, historical buildings, downtown skyscrapers..I could go on and on. Its so city, yet green acres and I love that. And by the way I don’t care for the amount of secrets that are going on around our house..Birthday secrets, conspiracies, secret phone calls, talks, conversations…blah I don’t care much for secrets …but I kind of do..So sue me!

ruffle top: Twelve by Twelve
skirt: Thrift town
flats: Goodwill

Foggy London town blues

We had an emotionally taxing day today..we had to say goodbye to a very missed young man. We happened to be in West, Texas so we headed to Style Station for some retail therapy and came away with a 50’s dress and colorful conversation as always with Art and Rebecca. Apricot and Strawberry and cream kolaches from none other then Czech Stop, Then Bo took me the Amon Carter museum to just relax…and Amon Carter docents DO NOT like when you feel a connection to their painting, so don’t point or look at the paintings too closely, or make shadows at all. ANYWAY, after that debacle we went on a little stroll through the beautiful trees in the cultural district, probably because we have been watching too many French New Wave films. Then we decided to look for a little sweet girl, Lilas 2nd Birthday present..and had way too much fun at the toy store, in which a little 1 year old sweetheart Sharon followed me around handing me stuffed animals and such..and my baby fever came back..in full force. All in all a a very long day…that make me know that I love my husband, family and friends with abandon!

vintage dress: Style Station
brown sandals: Mccart Thrift
saddle bag: Goodwill

Sick-o Monday

My day was as follows..stay in bed then move to the red couch..watch several episodes of Boy Meets World..eat nothing, wrap up in quilt. Boring! So I pretty much stayed in the house all day then finally the movers brought our brand new dining room table and chairs as well as our new fluffy pillow top mattress. So the meal of the night: classic no frills original pancakes and bacon! So all in all a pretty laid back boring but still beautiful day, which I take very seriously. Because those days are special and a blessing. Now off to to sleep in that warm, comfy bed!