Our Wedding Anniversary Rendezvous

by lostindrawers

What is in a year that can be simply be summarized in a blog, or with a weekend away?  One year, as pointed out in earlier musings, is a big deal…for a marriage, for a business, for anyone.  It’s 365 days.  It is countless moments – some unforgettable, for better or for worse.  A new year is hope, it is closure, it is a party of colliding memories and recollections.

“Heather is an incredible planner and creator – so for our anniversary, I knew repaying her with a weekend away that was planned (leaning on her cues, naturally) and executed by myself was only appropriate for the woman who has changed my life.  She plans and plots and unearths adventure on a beautifully consistent basis.  Our life is made into something exciting because of her imagination and street smarts. This was a getaway of favorite things, only in places we had never been” ~Bo

The instructions were simple: pack an overnight bag, and an outfit or three for a night out.   Pre-anniversary gifts of new music were given.  Anniversary gifts of books were exchanged.  A single flower that was featured in the wedding was his calling card.  A clean car was something random thrown in.  A box of J.Rae’s cupcakes, sealed but for only so long.  The hotel was familiar in ways, but new for us as a couple checking in.  A suite, a balcony view facing west and the next moment we were poolside, a cabana our refuge from the 104 degree temperature.  Delicious bites, naps, the luxury of endless hotel showers (rain shower heads are from God), a delivery of free bubbly and chocolate-covered strawberries, photographs to document us and everything around us, and we were headed into the night.  The Melting Pot delivered fondue and libations, a welcomed reminder of our honeymoon in New York.  An evening stroll by the canal, the commons area filled with piano music and our night out drifted into a night in.  Waking to down comforters and pillow-top mattresses and cupcakes for breakfast is how I think we all should spend our morning, and the day was off to explore sculpture, thrifting in Dallas and simple food to toast the first year of our marriage and to start the next of many more off with the hope of new horizons for life lived to fullest.