Foggy London town blues

by lostindrawers

We had an emotionally taxing day today..we had to say goodbye to a very missed young man. We happened to be in West, Texas so we headed to Style Station for some retail therapy and came away with a 50’s dress and colorful conversation as always with Art and Rebecca. Apricot and Strawberry and cream kolaches from none other then Czech Stop, Then Bo took me the Amon Carter museum to just relax…and Amon Carter docents DO NOT like when you feel a connection to their painting, so don’t point or look at the paintings too closely, or make shadows at all. ANYWAY, after that debacle we went on a little stroll through the beautiful trees in the cultural district, probably because we have been watching too many French New Wave films. Then we decided to look for a little sweet girl, Lilas 2nd Birthday present..and had way too much fun at the toy store, in which a little 1 year old sweetheart Sharon followed me around handing me stuffed animals and such..and my baby fever came full force. All in all a a very long day…that make me know that I love my husband, family and friends with abandon!

vintage dress: Style Station
brown sandals: Mccart Thrift
saddle bag: Goodwill