Let your days be sunny and bright

by lostindrawers

Some days are meant for adventure, for celebration, for giving of ourselves.  Saturdays usually are meant for sleeping, and these days a new mattress and sheets make it all the more appealing.  But today was different, we awoke earlier than usual and headed to volunteer at our local church for Angel Food Ministries which provides all kinds of people good food for insanely low prices.  It was a blessing to give of our time and lives, sharing in stories and getting so much more in return.  Then we went off to find Heather a birthday outfit, which was successful after a few stores…and much laughter about the insanity of hordes of Texan women shopping at discount stores.  We then quickly dashed to get ready for the highlight of the day, our friends Jason and Jennifer‘s adorable 2-year old daughter Lila’s birthday party.  A swirling kaleidoscope of small children  running, splashing, eating, ripping into wrapping paper and the parents, uncles, cameras and friends all around…I believe it was a success and we had so much fun laughing at the innocent of kids. A romp in a manicured lawn in the city, an Icee and a snack later and we returned to that aforementioned pillow-top mattress and 500 thread count sheets. I am grateful for so much, and for my wife for making this life of ours an adventure that is stored away on hard drives and hearts. ~Bo