Come on skinny love, what happened here?

by lostindrawers

Thursday..what can you say about is the Thursday before my birthday that’s something. RIGHT…right?  It is finally September….so I did pull out our sweaters, cardigans and even tights…that I wore today..but discarded in the car, thanks Texas. This colder weather will also mean more bicycle rides..the heat takes it out of us, that we just cant seem to ride like we usually do.

I think we may have decided our Halloween costumes, already…probably because we are nerdy and have not had any plans just yet..but man we know what we are wearing!  I guess I should go pack for this weekend, for I know nothing of what we are doing, literally nothing…so my bag will be PACKED.

lace blouse: Flea Market
floral skirt: Thrift Town
grey caplet: Nordstrom Rack
tan suede shoes: Thrift Town