by lostindrawers


Every year at this time, my heart skips a beat knowing that the day of your birth is arriving – and it holds youth, memory, adulthood, meeting you, knowing you, discovering you, marrying you, adventuring with you and walking into this future together.  It all began 26 years ago, and for that this time of the calendar year is beyond special.  The thing that I cherish the most is that every year that passes, I know more about you – how every moment in your story has made you into the woman you are.  A woman who is spiritual, passionate, talented, creative, loving, kind, giving, sweet, funny, and simply the most effortless person I know.  As a new year unfolds for you – I feel incredibly blessed to be along for the ride.  You are an adeventurer, a traveler in life – always embracing the most of everything.  You live life as well as anyone can…this is something I have learned from you and I am so grateful.  The best of our story is yet to come – and in you, I see the best of God, humanity and this life.  I love you deeply, passionately and with abandon.  Simply, you are my muse.  Love is not big enough word.  Still…I love you.

Your husband,