Panther City

by lostindrawers

(First of all, what happened to those lovely Walgreens commercials with the “perfect” music? they always put me in the best mood and holiday spirit.)

Our dull laundry, sick Friday night turned into a trip to the Fort Worth Symphony at Bass Hall thanks to kind friends – once there we avoided the docent hall monitors, we enjoyed Beethoven and then the night took us to Cowtown Diner where we sampled their Pot Roast Sliders (braised in a tomato gravy with a side of crunchy slaw), mac-n-cheese with sweet red peppers and a breadcrumb crust, creamed corn with red peppers and green chiles and an amazing chocolate fudge pie.  Walking around taking pictures, I think the itch to live downtown is growing as there is something about the urban life that is inspiring and creative.  City streets glimmer and reflect light against the shadows and the slowly arriving fall weather makes tonight just perfect and unexpected.  Who knows what adventures tomorrow will bring?  I can’t wait to find out.