Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings–

by lostindrawers

The sun in Texas can make you seek shade.  But the green is taking over the trees and the shade is rich with depth and color.  We tend to seek for places to explore that are full on interest.  The true test of any location has to be whether or not you can find something new and different every time.  The day wore on and the sun led us to meet up with family and enjoy Michael’s birthday at a local favorite, Buttons.  Updated soul food from Buttons– we dined on fried green tomatoes with pork, egg over easy, red eye gravy and greens; pot roast; fried catfish; gumbo; a host of sides; peach cobbler.

A good day and an even better night – there is no better feeling in life than family and making memories.