Blueberrrrrryyy Pannnnnnncakessss

by lostindrawers

That Bisquick blueberry pancake song is on TV waaaaaaay too much…and the bad lyrics aside, there is something to be said for home.  The comfort, the smell, the feel, the way it brings you in and you rarely want to leave.  Well, until adventure calls you out into the world.  We are working on our home.  As the summer slides unwillingly into autumn, the season seems to be tend towards nesting and home.  So, today was a step towards creating a “home that rises up to meet you” (thanks Oprah?).  We added to our new stable of arrangements by venturing into making our own after a trip to Michael’s.  Pumpkins and silhouette jack-o-lanterns are to come, folks.  We have been experimenting with swags of flower garland and flags.  We also are venturing into the wide world of paint.  We took our little pile of paint samples to Lowe’s and chose two for samples and we think we have our living and dining rooms picked, so stayed tuned.  We added a blue suitcase, mannequin, and other details – and are excited for the Pierrot Le Fou print and tissue flower balls for our Fall decor to arrive in the post.  Our little nest is becoming a Home – and there is something amazing about that.  Adventure takes the simplest forms and the sky was blue and the fields are still green.  The summer is fighting hard and it seems to make it a beautiful night.  Errands done, the night called for the best yogurt in Fort Worth – we highly recommend Yogolait Yogurt Shop.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed.  Strawberry yogurt with fruity pebbles on top may just be better than those blueberry pancakes.