dog days are over

by lostindrawers

The weather is turning…. You can feel it in the wind.  There is something about the wind how it moves…changes.  When it is out of control it feels a lot like life overwhelming, frustrating, strong.  Yet other times it is perfect.  A signal… a needed sign that one way is over and another is coming.  Recently we found this little lake in the middle of our neighborhood and the wind was gentle blowing across the water and the sky was so blue and it made us both realize how blessed we are to live our life.  Note my skirt  definitely an Anthropologie investment piece that pay for themselves.  We then headed off to enjoy some bites at La Madeline nothing like some tomato basil soup, spinach salad with bacon and strawberries, Mediterranean flatbread and a perfect little chocolate tort.  We met Sherry Bo’s mom later on and continued to add to the house project art, drapes, sheets and a shag bath rug.  A day of blessing and a day of realizing how amazing things can be when you let them be.