by lostindrawers

It is the end of the week.  The hustle of another fast paced world slows down a bit and well…it is time to celebrate.  Heather and I are big fans of comfort food and there is something about barbeque/bbq that screams Friday night and everything good about the weekend.  We ventured out to a newer place in Fort Worth by the name of Woody Creek Barbeque.  A spin off of the Springtown joint, this bright clean space is pretty standard fare.  The price seems a tad steep but the portions are quite generous, and the flavors are really good.  Again, it is Friday – the week doesn’t matter when  you are tasting smoky meat and sweet, deep sauce.  The fries were okay, but the meat was good and makes our lists of places we will give a second try.  3.0/5.0