Puppy Love

by lostindrawers

We introduced you to Emory Holden Liles and as he is now home with us, life in the Liles’ household is quite lively.  Being 9.5 weeks old, Emory isn’t allowed outside yet until he gets another shot, so it is a lot of playtime in the house.  He is adjusting nicely , already taking to the crate training as his own little den, he is partially potty trained (which is like dealing with a 3 year old toddler boy for sure), and has selected his favorite toys and games.  He has gone on day and nighttime car rides, which has been an challenge but he has done well…he has and will meet family this week.  Basically, he is cuter and smarter and more well behaved than we could ever hoped for.  He has his bark!  Which is hilarious, but even better is the fact that he alternates all this puppy energy with a insane ability to sleep HARD for hours – with his legs straight out.