there’s something in the water, something in the water

by lostindrawers

Sometimes, the city in which you live will surprise you.  Such was the case when we found that the mighty retailer H&M and the greatness that is In-n-Out Burger are coming to Dallas-Fort Worth.  The news should make perfect sense – this metroplex is the fifth largest market in the U.S.  But DFW has always been a shade late to the party in regards to retail.  H&M had historically limited itself with its stores.  In-n-Out had long vowed to never leave California.  The issue is that for many years we have been seen as twin cities of big hair, cows & horses and brash attitudes.  Which is far from the truth.  While we personally may think Dallas thinks too highly of itself at times, the truth is that both there and here in Fort Worth, there is a good amount diversity and transplants from cities all over the U.S.  Throw in the need for new markets and new consumers and voila – H&M and In-n-Out are here.  H&M heads to the safety of the Northpark Mall in Dallas and In-n-Out heads here to Fort Worth where patrons are burger-crazy, already flocking to Smashburger and Five Guys Burgers among the local options.

We think it should be an interesting mix with these new stores, but in case they don’t hit the right note – we always have Buffalo Exchange and Fred’s Texas.