Lost in Drawers

Month: December, 2010

bon au revoir 2010

The year is coming to a close and we say with all sincerity and love, “adieu 2010.”  It is truly time to shed the last 365 days and put on a fresh outfit and bring in a shiny new year.  The last year has been full of tragedy, challenge, new spaces, deeper conversations, irony, beauty, puppy-hood and the hope of dreams on the horizon.  From museums to every holiday to those often too rare free days to explore the world, we are thankful for every moment shared together and with family, to capture our little corner of the world in photographs and paint it colorful with a few words.  We have more to offer, more to sacrifice, more to share and grow than ever before in 2011.  We hope you and the wider world will come see what we find here Lost in Drawers.

Fah who for-aze! Dah who dor-aze! Dah who dor-aze! Welcome Christmas, Welcome Christmas day

Celebrating our Saviour’s birth, wassail, laughing, naps, Emory’s first Christmas, traditions and love.




































































































You guys give up, or your’e thirsty for more?

It’s the end of Christmas Day, and we three are home alone after a few days of Christmas cheer.  This year was different, as we didn’t make our trek southeast but family came up to be with us.  Camping out in a nice set of rooms in Dallas in the days leading up to Christmas, a tree magically appeared and gifts were shared and the time spent with the Brooks family was perfect.  Laughter, hugs, everyone hovering over the bounding ball of fur that Emory is these days – our days became a little merrier and a little brighter.  Remembering to slow down, value your family and live free of pretension and worry and just…be.  Be yourself, be authentic and step into the new year with a smile upon your face.  And “keep the change, you filthy animal.”

the men of the house

Bella Notte

Sometimes in life  you are given the honor of participating in making a day special for two friends.  This weekend we were able to be a part of our friends Christie & Derek’s wedding by officiating the ceremony and being a bridesmaid. It is funny how many things you picked up from one’s own wedding that enabled you to help make someone’s day easier and a little more special.  The ceremony was a classic and beautiful, the wedding party fun and the reception was gorgeous, delicious and incredibly fun.  All in all, it is always a joy to see people in love and even better to see our friends do it the right way.

For Helen’s love we have suffered blows

Two of our very dear friends will be married tomorrow. Bo has the honor of being the officiant and I have the honor of being a bridesmaid. So a big full day tomorrow, which includes Emory staying the night at a PetSmart Petshotel. I am beyond saddened by this. But know it is a must. (We want that baby boy happy and healthy.) I guess we might want to hit the hay, we have a big day of wedding, cake, dancing, smiling and giddiness.

Cheers to you Derek and Christina Foster!

Spectacle Spectacles-Warby Parker

It’s time for part one of a product review!  We previously mentioned Warby Parker and their excellent business model and even better frames at good prices.  We took full advantage of the try before you buy service, and yesterday five pairs of frames arrived via post and we got busy seeing if and what frames would work for us.  And for the record, these are pretty snazzy frames.  The mix of classic lines and modern touches make these the perfect frames for anyone who want to feature their eye-wear, not wish the glasses weren’t there.  So, what do you think?  What would you choose?  Thank you, Warby Parker – expect an order of some sort very soon.  The results of which will see how the prescription service holds up against traditional eye-wear providers. Very exciting!



Offical Joyeux Noël

I never thought of myself as a Christmas card kind of gal, then we started getting some in the mail and they were so cute that I wanted to jump on the band wagon. I mean come on Why not?!? We had already taken pictures in front of the tree but that was of us “decorating” duh…very Christmas-E? but it was too cold outside..we don’t have a fireplace…so we all put a dose of red on. Emory had a red bow tie, how could we not do it again. So it is officially Christmas time with the Liles! Now if we could just get them out….that is a whole other story. I’m not the best at mailing things. Speaking of mailing we got our  Warby Parker 5 pair of try on glasses in today. Now we just have to pick our our favorites. It wouldn’t be too horrible if Bo and I got the same pair? We would we be the nerdy couple…probably already too late for that, eh. ALSO our good good, amazingly talented photographer friend Shawn came into town the other day and surprised us with a visit. He is going on a trip to Mexico to photograph local orphanages. He has one of the biggest hearts we know. He is going big big big places! So we leave you with some photos of good old fashioned jolly and cheer.

p.s. I’ve been fasting facebook, which probably came in the nick of time…seeing as our lives are soo full right now due to holidays, weddings, puppies, friends, famliy but its nice to have a creative outlet that is this wonderful blog.

adieu until next time!

some more photos:


Until we see you again…

This weekend, my great-grandmother – Mawmaw Duncan, as we call her went into eternity after 92 years of living on this earth.  Today we celebrated her life and said our goodbyes-for-now.  She will always be remembered for her love of God, her spunk and opinions and most of all to us, dancing the Charleston.  These two pictures are important to me, because early in my life she was right there apart of those who loved me and made me who I am today.  Bo often talks about their lone conversation, where she talked his ear off about growing up in the early 20th century, and how much fun they had dancing her favorite, always the Charleston.  Today she got her chance to swing into a new eternal existence, and I know she is smiling down on us.

*I love an good old fashioned photo..these were not edited in the least..I miss the old film days

Warby Parker

Sometimes you come across something that you both need and subsequently, love.  We have been needing new glasses and today we found this great company, Warby Parker, who make some fine spectacles.  The deal is simple – they sell nice glasses for cheap because they are on the web only.  Then, when you buy a pair – they donate to a charity that gives free glasses to people in need.  It is a win-win and an amazingly ethical and cool business model.  We ordered 5 pairs of free tester frames to try out, and can’t wait to get them in and review them as well as get outfitted for new frames!  This is something worth checking out  for yourself and doing good all at the same time.