Slow down. Hold still. It’s not as if it’s a matter of will.

by lostindrawers

Sometimes, you can force it.  Move too fast, write too much, think too much.  Culture demands we move faster, where I think life wants us to move slower.  To soak in its goodness.  The only issue is that we get in our and others way.  I hope we show our honesty.  We document the moments that are obvious – but what about the ones that are so simple that it would be easy to forget them?  This weekend was one of revelation and redemption.  I think I, for one, learned that people don’t know how to be real.  it’s too easy just play a role – to fit a mold and just exist.  We never want to just exist.  Our mindset can never stop dreaming.  While Fort Worth may be our home, it can never be our horizon line.  We have to keep looking further, pushing our dreams into reality.  We have to keep moving, bobbing and weaving, never letting the bastards get us down.

Maybe that is why we have Emory.  That little puppy keep us moving, on our toes, hyper aware of the little things.  His days are spent asking if us – “will you always be there?” And the answer is, it must be, yes – we will be ourselves, consistent and loving.  Seeking adventure, holding to an honesty that so easily escapes most people.  He is growing quickly, he is now fully vaccinated, he got his big boy collar and doggy license.  He is still a puppy, but he is growing and he so ready to see the world.  I think we agree – we want to see the world, we want more out of life.  We have dreams, and it is time to light a fire and to gather the kindling.

The picture below is one of those little moments that no one knows but us.  A day trip a few years ago solidified our love, and here we are – surviving the challenges, overcoming the obstacles and paying tribute to the memories that fuel our hope for the future.  We know where we have been, and we have a hope that the future is open wide.  And for that, I am certain we will make this life what it can and should be.

P.S. We are both wearing stripes..I wasn’t going to change..and he wasn’t going to change…so we didn’t change. No intent on matching.