You got the love

by lostindrawers

What did we do tonight?  Oh, we just decided to put up all our Christmas lights outside, drink wassail, sing Christmas carols…you know the usual. No but really, the Louden’s annual holiday lights extravaganza is amazing. Of course we brought along Emory who slept the whole time except when he thought people might pay attention to him.  He evidently likes sweaters, trying to drink said wassail and later on he smelled his first batch of brownies and you would have thought he was in nirvana.  But its late now he is crashed out on the couch and our day is at a close.  I think we recede to memories this time of year because we can be so selective we can conjure the best of times from memory from one sip of wassail or the twinkle of lights.  We say let us all make new memories and make new year’s newer than ever before.  Here is to living authentically.