Offical Joyeux Noël

by lostindrawers

I never thought of myself as a Christmas card kind of gal, then we started getting some in the mail and they were so cute that I wanted to jump on the band wagon. I mean come on Why not?!? We had already taken pictures in front of the tree but that was of us “decorating” duh…very Christmas-E? but it was too cold outside..we don’t have a fireplace…so we all put a dose of red on. Emory had a red bow tie, how could we not do it again. So it is officially Christmas time with the Liles! Now if we could just get them out….that is a whole other story. I’m not the best at mailing things. Speaking of mailing we got our  Warby Parker 5 pair of try on glasses in today. Now we just have to pick our our favorites. It wouldn’t be too horrible if Bo and I got the same pair? We would we be the nerdy couple…probably already too late for that, eh. ALSO our good good, amazingly talented photographer friend Shawn came into town the other day and surprised us with a visit. He is going on a trip to Mexico to photograph local orphanages. He has one of the biggest hearts we know. He is going big big big places! So we leave you with some photos of good old fashioned jolly and cheer.

p.s. I’ve been fasting facebook, which probably came in the nick of time…seeing as our lives are soo full right now due to holidays, weddings, puppies, friends, famliy but its nice to have a creative outlet that is this wonderful blog.

adieu until next time!

some more photos: