bon au revoir 2010

by lostindrawers

The year is coming to a close and we say with all sincerity and love, “adieu 2010.”  It is truly time to shed the last 365 days and put on a fresh outfit and bring in a shiny new year.  The last year has been full of tragedy, challenge, new spaces, deeper conversations, irony, beauty, puppy-hood and the hope of dreams on the horizon.  From museums to every holiday to those often too rare free days to explore the world, we are thankful for every moment shared together and with family, to capture our little corner of the world in photographs and paint it colorful with a few words.  We have more to offer, more to sacrifice, more to share and grow than ever before in 2011.  We hope you and the wider world will come see what we find here Lost in Drawers.