Lost in Drawers

Month: January, 2011


Texas you sly devil. One day you are 76°, then next it’s 20°…with the possibility of snow this week? Nice. In other news,  tomorrow I start my month fast. My fasts have always been short amounts of time..a week or so. So a weeks of this caffeinated, delicious, sweet soft drink, what will one do. WHAT WILL I DO!


We’re on the Top of the World…You and I


lavender road

This week has been one of reevaluating our home.  How can it be better?  How can it feel more at home?  We set about some changes.  Now, to be honest – interior decorating is neither of our first loves.  We enjoy a well designed space but actually making one ourselves that doesn’t look like a catalog of one brand of furnishings.  So, we set about searching for a couch color change and a new chair.  Those items added, we keep adding to our wall of pictures, memories and things we like.  A few rearranging of table tops and well…here it is: our little living room in progress.  Design is not about perfection, just a sense that everything is comfortably worn in and in its right place.

Tiny Dancer

My parents came into town this weekend, which means we get to spend the weekend in a fabulous fancy hotel (wrap around balcony, lush beds). Eat fabulous fancy food and of course be with, love on and laugh with them. More than anything we wish we could get them to move to Fort Worth. They are the loveliest, most accepting, generous people you could imagine. All in due time though. *hint hint*

Where troubles melt like lemon drops

Sometimes, you see a new business about to open and you wonder – is this the real deal?  Such was the case with the storefront that houses Nothing Bundt Cakes, a chain bakery serving full-sized and miniature versions of the iced cakes.  But then we tried the cakes, and chainstore bakery or not, it is delicious.  Fort Worth has tried cupcakes, with only J.Raes standing out – we needed something new.  Nothing Bundt Cakes fills that role nicely, with soft moist cake and sweet icing? CHOCOLATE CHIPS! Perfect.

New things are good…a new puppy, a new year, and cake to eat it with.

The rest is right, the rest is wrong. The rest will come when it comes along

The winters here are not snow covered, merry and white  but when the days are misty and quiet, there is a magic in the air that makes you glad to be outside, alive and exploring.

Forests and cities alike  the world when it is quiet is a gorgeous thing to behold.

We do live a beautiful world.


p.s. AND I got this beautiful dress as a present from my mother and father in love, so of course I had to wear as soon as humanely possible. It needed a POUF! so I thew a petticoat underneath…and POUF it was!



Gabriel House of Mexico

When our friend Shawn Franklin told us that he was going to Mexico to help a ministry shoot video and pictures of an orphanage – we were proud.  When we saw the pictures and the faces of the children of Gabriel House, our hearts melted and we knew you all needed to meet and support this beautiful ministry.

Begun in 1996 as a not-for-profit ministry for orphaned children with disabilities, Gabriel House is a beacon of hope for not only Mexico, but for all of our hearts and minds.  To see the smiles, and to know the joy these children have is the face of daily struggle is to see what heaven is supposed to be – the kingdom realized.  Shawn shared their stories, their photographs and we want you to know as well about this amazing ministry.  Get to know Gabriel House – pray, give and make them apart of your journey.


We share a name, we share a wonder

It’s Friday! Right? It is Friday? I’ve been getting my days mixed up, due to the weather. Every day looks the same. Grey, cloudy, rainy! psssh We have no official plans for this weekend. I thought we had the busiest weekend but upon my mother calling saying “No Heather, that is neeeeeexxxxt weekend!” So I guess maybe the mister should help me make more Valentines Day garlands, movie? delicious dinners, more frozen yogurt? The options are endless. But the best seems to put the comfiest Pajamas on and watch Miss Marple (Geraldine McEwan) in our warm bed.

Now thats the kind of weekend I can depend on.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth: Erik Parker

A couple weeks ago Bo and I checked out the Erik Parker exhibit at our fabulous Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. We were were actually there for the Vernon Fisher: Kmart Conceptualism exhibit (which was amazing in itself). But some how we were drawn towards the back. We stepped in the room and the colors blinded us in the best possible way. It’s not really either of us, style/art wise. But were very intrigued nonetheless. I think it’s even worth another visit. So I recommend checking it out fellow Fort Worthians!

via themodern{ Erik Parker has described his work as “fragmented samples of our culture.” His complex fantasy portraits elicit the poignant, melancholy, grotesque, psychological, provocative, and almost always comical and surreal, baggage of our time.

Swirls of pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, purples, and whites make up his meandering images. The subjects are often set against a black background, accompanied by a word or phrase nestled somewhere in the lower half of the canvas. Suggestive titles such as Half Made Man, Player Hater, Betty Fords, Drama, Crime, Hoax, Why Me, Think Twice, and American Apparel, for example, seem to label and supplement the state of each sitter. The words, when juxtaposed with the portraits, clearly speak to the present day. At the same time, the imagery calls to mind the elaborate inner workings of humanity in general.

Erik Parker lives in Brooklyn, New York. Born in 1968 in Stuttgart, Germany, Parker grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He received a BFA in 1996 from the University of Texas at Austin and earned his MFA at SUNY Purchase in 1998. His work has been shown internationally in both solo and group exhibitions.