The clanking of crystal

by lostindrawers

“So this is the new year”… Last night, we rung in the new year doing what we do best – going somewhere new and doing the things we love.  We decided on downtown and the Cast Iron restaurant inside the Omni Hotel.  Seating arrangements aside, we enjoyed an incredible meal.  A new year is even better with steak, pork chops, smashed potatoes, creamed corn and skillet brownie sundaes.  And the night air was crisp and the city was calm.

In that moment, it made me realize that every new year is a gift.  We are not promised a day, so today is in of itself a new year.  24 hours at most to do something memorable, to fly close to the sun, love with abandon, to tell the truth, to be – truly BE who God – life force in all of us, intended for you, me, all of us to be. Shake off the old 365 days of struggle and bask in the freedom of a single, deep breath.  This year from the 1st to the 31, 536,000th, I will lose my preconceptions, I will love my wife deeply, I will care for our puppy, I will write for our voice is to be heard and we will make our way in this life with peace as our guide.  –Bo