What a day for a daydream…

by lostindrawers

What to do with a random day off?  How about a road trip?  Yes, please…so pack up the supplies, grab the puppy and head south!  Our favorite romp down I-35 is a stop at the always interesting Style Station, then off to the oasis of BBQ in Waco – Rudy’s and on the way back stop by the make-your-mouth-water Czech Stop Bakery & Deli.  Style Station is one of those eclectic places that goes its own route with vintage jeans, boots, dresses, shirts and junky treasures aplenty.  And Rudy’s – well, we are a sucker for smoky brisket and sweet & tangy sauce so it fits the bill every time.  And words don’t do the Czech Stop justice.  A wall of kolaches of all types, pastries, cinnamon rolls, sandwiches and homemade breads – we went for the apricot, blueberry cream cheese kolaches and a cinnamon roll – all of which sucker you into buying more than what you intended but later realize is not enough.

The drive is not the most interesting, but the blue skies help – Art at Style Station is always a wild card, and Emory decided at one point to urinate all over my seat – but this is what a road trip is: a chance to celebrate the beautiful, laugh off the absurd and savor the delicious.  In the end, the day was filled with moments that fill up a camera and a blog.  Emory’s first day-trip was in the books.