Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth: Erik Parker

by lostindrawers

A couple weeks ago Bo and I checked out the Erik Parker exhibit at our fabulous Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. We were were actually there for the Vernon Fisher: Kmart Conceptualism exhibit (which was amazing in itself). But some how we were drawn towards the back. We stepped in the room and the colors blinded us in the best possible way. It’s not really either of us, style/art wise. But were very intrigued nonetheless. I think it’s even worth another visit. So I recommend checking it out fellow Fort Worthians!

via themodern{ Erik Parker has described his work as “fragmented samples of our culture.” His complex fantasy portraits elicit the poignant, melancholy, grotesque, psychological, provocative, and almost always comical and surreal, baggage of our time.

Swirls of pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, purples, and whites make up his meandering images. The subjects are often set against a black background, accompanied by a word or phrase nestled somewhere in the lower half of the canvas. Suggestive titles such as Half Made Man, Player Hater, Betty Fords, Drama, Crime, Hoax, Why Me, Think Twice, and American Apparel, for example, seem to label and supplement the state of each sitter. The words, when juxtaposed with the portraits, clearly speak to the present day. At the same time, the imagery calls to mind the elaborate inner workings of humanity in general.

Erik Parker lives in Brooklyn, New York. Born in 1968 in Stuttgart, Germany, Parker grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He received a BFA in 1996 from the University of Texas at Austin and earned his MFA at SUNY Purchase in 1998. His work has been shown internationally in both solo and group exhibitions.