Emory’s Half Birthday

by lostindrawers

Our puppy boy is 6 months old! Where does the time go?? It seems like we just picked him out and brought him home. He has grown from that sweet little sleeping one to a spoiled pup. Now he is full of spunk, has a sassy sassy attitude as his own, loves carrots and apples, Bon Iver, car rides, many naps, walks by the Trinity river, mustard yellow sofa pillows, peanut butter filled kongs, stealing blankets at night and is a lover of clothes. Now we know he is just a puppy, though we love him like a family member. He has brought us such joy and laughter. We can’t wait to raise him along little ones (some day if God gives us the gift of  sweet babes) of our own but for now the three of us is just beautiful.