Austin/Fredericksburg Roadtrip 2

by lostindrawers

Fredericksburg gave us inspiration, and the morning saw us up and packing bags to head east.  But we have priorities and one such item of note is the necessity of pastries on road trips.  An apricot kolache and chocolate croissant in tow, we headed for the Austin hills.  We needed sunshine after several weeks of snow, ice and gray skies so a walk in Zilker Park was in order before we traversed the streets of the capital city.  Austin is a weird town (no pun intended) – it is seemingly dominated by roving gangs of college frats and hooligans – the aforementioned in Jeeps and the latter on fixed gear bikes.  It is a fiercely independent city, which we love.  Waterloo Records gave up a few gems, and we roamed the south side – finding the deliciousness of Fran’s in plain site.  Exploring we rediscovered Flashback, a great vintage store and finally finally found the Austin mural.  The day began to wind down and we stopped off at Hey Cupcake! – double chocolate and strawberry – and the sun begin to dip as we pointed our vehicle north and were satisfied that this trip had filled our bag of memories to the brim.

more photos here