Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Coral 080

by lostindrawers

I honestly didn’t think I was a coral kind of gal. I do love a red lip, a pink lip – both shiny and matte.  Coral scared me due to the fact I’ve seen many an older lady with bright coral lips in nursing homes.  Did I mention scared?  Nevertheless we found ourselves in Target, in the makeup aisle of course – as I’ve gone through a lipstick stage this last year. (Before  in the past few years  I actually never really wore makeup I guess in actuality I was intimated, all until my grandmother got me a case of  Estée Lauder makeup.  Now, I will never go back)  Back to coral…the color was perfect, not too pink, not too red, creamy, just matte enough, didn’t bleed on the lips and the end…coral won.