Fuji Instax 210 wide

by lostindrawers

Sunday Sunday Finds: a purple wall!

a white wall!

Floral Frocks at Half Price Books!

Is that an army/duffle coat?  Why yes it is!  Thank you for noticing, and thank you Texas! I was wearing shorts yesterday at the park, now I have to resort to a jacket (*so that’s why I look so cold picture*) So our plans of trying the new Gelato place, Paciugo downtown were hijacked. Emory was upset, so we decided a joy ride in our new car would get his spirits up. He fell asleep within 5 minutes. So there’s that.

You know the thing about instant cameras?  There isn’t really room for mistakes. You kind of get one shot..to get that shot. We currently use a Fujifilm Instax 210 Wide camera, as Polaroid went the way of so many wonderful things.  Polaroid film is impossible to get and there is no word if the company that bought the Polaroid film patent will produce film on a large scale.  So, we were excited when we got the Fuji camera – the main differences being the massive size of the camera body and that the film format is wide.  The exposures are in your hands immediately and you just hope you didn’t mess up that perfect moment.  It’s a beautiful risk and reward.

Heather and Bo