Great scott!!!

by lostindrawers

The summer is not far off and a Saturday morning brought sunlight creeping around the edges of our drawn curtains and a wide-awake puppy in our faces.  We dragged ourselves up and grabbed the one thing that makes not sleeping in worth it: Chick-fil-a Chick’n Minis!  And the sun was out, and we got in our new (used) car – a little Volvo sedan that replaced the troublesome Honda hatchback and headed to a friend’s wedding shower/pre-wedding reception.  And that was lovely, because giving gifts and eating barbeque, rolls and red velvet cake deserves the word.  Dallas wasn’t too far away, so we headed to Buffalo Exchange and chatted with TK (cause we know them by name, of course) and the other employees and sold some things and got a vintage dress, a DVF top among other things – including a bow tie for Mister Liles.  A trip home, scooping up the puppy for his new car to ride around the town and to run the roads till we knew that home was the only place we wanted to be.  A simple day for a life that needs more comfort – comfort that puts all things into perspective.

p.s. Solar flares follow us…we don’t follow them *wink