Feel this!

by lostindrawers

If you are lucky enough to have your grandparents around, you are very lucky.  I am blessed enough to have a set of my grandparents here to enjoy them.  My Mémé (which after all these years I found out means “Grandma” in French…who knew I was such a cultured baby) posted on her Facebook a picture of my Pawpaw with this caption: Jerry went All over town and didn’t know this sticker was on his head. Haha we had a good laugh. I laughed so hard. That is so my Pawpaw.  He is still so silly and goofy after all these years, a child at heart. He is the best whistler and breakfast chef I know.  Of course, his perfect compliment in life is my Mémé.  I have learned from her…to always have my camera ready to snap that very important picture, and ALWAYS laugh at the silliness.  Love your grandparents…cherish them and always, always listen to their stories!


p.s. The 2nd picture is over 11 years old and I was a bridesmaid. Excuse the satin and big hair. 😉