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Month: March, 2011

tugging your skirt saying please please please

Who knew my family was soooooooo competitive?!

My baby brother, Connor, celebrated his “16th” this weekend. And boy did we celebrate. This was just day one. Sushi, The Presidential Suite,  many many cupcakes, cheesetastic games and lots of family all thanks to my amazing mother. I really really love my family. They are the most accepting, honest, hilarious loyal, unique, giving, authentic people you could ever be around. I treasure them all. Emory has the best “puncles” (puppy uncles) and poppy and nonnie one could ask for.


Happy Tuesday

This past week has been taxing.  The truth is that every day we learn something new, and every week some new challenge awaits.  Life is real, and honestly  sometimes it gets too real.  The mail brings bills and notices that seem to grow in little piles – and some days, Mondays especially, you just want to wish them away.  We don’t want to think about the fact that life is busy, life is challenging and some days life is really expensive.  It would be easy to envy the internet lives , who edit their lives so much that we have dubbed it “catalog living.”  And just like in catalogs, that image is fragile and so very temporary.  We dont want that life.  That is not real life.  Real life is that we daily have to make choices – as individuals, as couple and even as groups of people.  We have a life that includes a house that doesn’t clean itself…the husband being a suspect in the losing battle of the kitchen sink vs. the dishes.  We have bills, some necessities and some remnants of our histories.  The biggest thing is that we are always in need of time.  Time to get those final chores done.  Time to get in a walk at the park.  Time to ourselves.  Time with friends.  Time.  But the end of the night – always a few hours later than it should be, brings our bed, a devotional and prayer and a routine together in a moment where we know that we will make it through together.  And after a week that seemed lower than most, that hope makes this a very happy Tuesday morning.


Love Shack!

Define a low key Friday night at your house.  For us, the week is over and the most satisfying thing imaginable is a really good burger.  Being that Fort Worth is currently burger crazy, we headed over to Chef Tim Love’s Love Shack for burgers and fries to go and off to the park where Emory stole potato snacks and the burger – despite not quite hot enough in temp – rates as one of the best we have tried in the city.  A walk around the local police and firefighters’ memorial, a drive about town where we discovered a most excellent Salvador Dali portrait in graffiti, topped off with the idea that Emory might need a trench coat.  Because he has crimes to solve.  Cases to break.  And that, is our idea of a low key Friday night.


You know how I yammered on about Asos.com. Well I finally made my decisions on the dresses and they are being shipped asap. Which needed to be done due to an upcoming wedding. So there’s that. What else…ummm we had our annual Ol’ South diner Thursday salad and pie night, we went to Anthropologie and bought gifts for the said wedding. I love a gift..giving feels really really good. Now it’s March in Texas so it’s up and down weather wise. The vintage polka dot tap shorts were a shoe in for this crazy weather, tomorrow I’m sure we will have to pull out our coats. Nonetheless I’m enjoying this warmer weather, which hopefully means we can wipe the cobwebs off our bicycles and finally enjoy them.

…and that is that

ramblings are over and out!


Happy Thursday!

image Alice B. Gardens

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain Lip Color, Wild Berry Wink 440

It’s time for another lipstick, actually a lip stain review, but from Bo’s point of view.

The truth is, I don’t know the ins and outs of cosmetics – but I know what looks really good on Heather.  What I can tell about the CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain is that it is versatile beyond belief.  Heather is able to wear it for a really dressy look or just toned down with jeans and a really good top. It highlights what I like best about her lips, in that it adds color without taking away the softness and tone. Softness & Tone!  The berry is perfect because in addition to smelling lovely, it is just like my wife, always beautiful and never forced.

Well ok then..mister writer sir..I did not force him to say this. *wink* All I have to say is that it is most definitely a stain. It will be on your lips for a while and it will bleed if you can’t careful, always line your lips.


Nancy Elizabeth

Happy Birthday to our one and only, my mom, Nancy Brooks!  To us she is more than a mom and mother-in-love, but a vibrant, strong, focused, caring, sweet, compassionate, nurturing, adventurous and all around amazing wife/mom/friend.  She listens, cares deeply, dispenses advice and always plans a perfect party.  We love you, as you and I have been together as mother and daughter for 26 years and no time or place can separate us.  You are cherished, we love and adore you and value every moment spent with you.

It’s our last dance in St. Louis

One never knows where the Liles will end up on Sundays. Seeing as one minute we are in a cul-de-sac in an unfavorable neighborhood because there were some neat willow plans to the back wall of a Half Price Books. WOOO crazy! But lets stray a minute and talk about this dress. I kind of have a love/hate relationship. I’m all for a midi range length dress and the 1940’s cut is swell. The fabric, eh, the plunging neckline not my favorite. So I guess that’s why its been sitting in the back of my closet. So I decided to pull it out and give it a whirl. It’s a great dress for after church, walking Emory, buying books, enjoying a Coney Island corn dog but that’s about it.

Why did I need to get that off my chest, I don’t know, I apologize to my husband..this isn’t a fashioney fashioney  blog per se…so I thank you dear Readers/Husband for my rant.

I bid you adieu.


Palace of Wax


Ripley’s Believe It or Not

BELIEVE IT! Oh yes..we went there.

Sometimes you are in need of a cheesetastic day.

And oh we got it.