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Month: April, 2011

Penny Style

We leave you with these images, we are off for our weekend with my parents!

cheerio ol chaps!

images via Ivy-Style


The week is almost to a glorious weekend.  So it was a day for stars and octopuses and knit skirts.  When the weather decides to cooperate Texas can be really really great.  So great that we were inspired to try Brix Pizzeria & Wine Bar.  Despite the plastic soda glasses, the pizza was absolutely amazing…honestly you haven’t had pizza until you have had wood fired pizza.  Make that pizza topped with fontina, feta, sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto.  And to top it off why not a chocolate chip cannoli ? Why yes, yes we can! DO it, we won’t tell.  We highly recommend it.  And if the day couldn’t get any sweeter, we found some lovely plates at Anthropologie for a even lovelier price.  $ 3.95! And Emory approved.  Well, these pictures prove that he approves with his cuteness. A lovely day as the sun set in Fort Worth.

Cheers to the weekend!

Outfit Details: star print top-Asos, beige skirt-Urban Outfitters, shoes-Target

my huckleberry friend

Although we adore our modern Panther City, it would have been nice to live in this Fort Worth…



Sometimes the image stills can be better than the movie….and they are visually stunning.

images all google

Steven Alan

I love a line, designer that we could both wear clothing from…though this is Fall 2011 and our thoughts are way far away from Fall. It’s nice to admire and save some looks for next time


British Vogue April 2011

Como Lake, Fort Worth Texas

Weather can’t stop us.  We braved the tornadoes, at least the warnings, and decided we need to get out as we were starting to get a little stir crazy. So we headed on over to the nearest body of water by our home, Lake Como.  Como as a neighborhood and small lake area is over 100 years old. (pictures 1 and 2)  It was originally a resort area of the city, but has struggled since the 1960’s.  The lake itself can be beautiful, especially in the evenings.  We love our city, and want to see this area rebound and reap the economic strength of the city.  Lake Como, our mini Lake Superior of the South.

Outfit Details: vintage sailor jacket-Fort Worth Flea Market, vintage shorts-Goodwill, ruffle blouse-Gap, red shoes-Mccart Thrift


We have a blog, now we have a Formspring…tah dah!

Ask away!


p.s. We know things about Fort Worth, us and Emory…..

Tale As Old As Time

Can I just gush about my husband real quick? Oh, it’s our blog so I bet I just can…he is an amazing individual the smartest, wittiest, most passionate, handsome, authentic, accepting, person.  Pretty much all of the best things in the world…let’s start with this dress I have on. He picked it out, bought it and surprised me with it. What man could pick out a coral chiffon frock? Bo, that’s who. The accompanying Beauty and the Beast tickets…all him. I truly love being married to him, and that means a lot. I was the gal who wasn’t looking for a white knight to save me or marriage just to say I was married. Meeting Mr. Liles, it was never a question of not being together, it always felt authentic.  Lately, we have had a lot of  discussion about how we both receive love. His love language is Words of Affirmation and mine is Receiving Gifts.  Getting to know that has been a major process, not always easy. Those love languages are very different things. While it seems convenient, I can testify that being married to someone that thinks and does things just like yourself would be boring…and believe me, being so different we are never boring.

But I digress….

The day arrived that on this Easter Sunday afternoon into evening, we attended Beauty and The Beast downtown Fort Worth at the Bass Hall.  Now its no surprise that I love Disney.  From my first love in Alice in Wonderland, to The Little Mermaid to Belle in Beauty and The Beast. I know all the songs and love every line of the films. So when we found out it was coming to our fair city…to say I was excited was an understatement.  We got to dress up, found cool places on the fringes of downtown and get to the hall early to take in the energy of the pre-show. The show was great, from the sets and costumes (near and dear to my heart from theater days) to the songs to just the fact I was there with my husband…it was a great night despite the lack of theater etiquette by a few fellow theater-goers.  The world is brighter with a few Disney songs in your iPod or CD case.  So next time a Disney musical comes through your town, you must go.

You just must…trust us.

The Liles Easter 2011

Now we love family photo shoots. But let’s be real and honest, it takes a lot to get everyone in this little Liles family to cooperate. Certain puppies get hot and thristy, husbands get cranky, makeup runs off, we drop cameras (almost in the lake), there are hikers (people) to avoid, bangs get stuck to your forehead, getting everybody to look at the camera at the same time. But this 1940s dress, new skinny tie and Emory’s bunny ears needed to be documented for our future. *wink

It doesn’t always go as planned but still quite the adventure!