Dallas Heritage Village

by lostindrawers

We went to the 1890s and all we brought back were these many many photos!  It appears we also returned with a vintage jacks and ball set, a paper fan and old marbles. If you want to make a trip to our house we would be glad to give away any of these fine treasures! All joking aside, Dallas Heritage Village is a historical museum, composed of about 30 structures on a few acres just south of downtown Dallas.  The truth is we love old things.  It is a true testament of the quality of things previous generations created that they preserve so well.  It seems quality never ever goes out of style.  From the homes and buildings to the furniture to the clothes and furnishings – it seems the only thing the turn of the century was lacking would be air central heat and air and consistent electricity service.  The experience was extremely fun, something we highly recommend to one and all.  Just choose perfect weather and good road trip music and check out the Dallas Heritage Village.

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