Extra, Extra!

by lostindrawers

*cut squares of newsprint larger than nails. apply a base coat of light nail polish. when nails are completely dry, soak them in rubbing alcohol, then press newsprint on nail and slowly pull off. top coat of clear nail polish  to seal!

I used NYC in a New York Minute 212B Mulberry Street, Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat clear nail polish, and a brand brand new newspaper and finally used our never been opened Kate Spade tea cups from our wedding.

It obviously had some defects, a little of the news paper print got on my cuticles, it smudged and was a little faint. If I were to do it again I would use a really matte fast drying nail polish. BUT other than that, it is a unique and fun nail project.

Up next… comic strip nails?

 Update: Original source is blogger Zuzu from Insideofmy purse.com, idea from kayliafisher.tumblr,