Road Tested

by lostindrawers

What to do on a warm Saturday?  Well, the city is diverse…usually.  We decided to check out the next to last weekend of the Modern Museum of Fort Worth’s display of Ed Ruscha’s Road Tested.  Very graphic, very mid-century…very, very repetitive.  The diversity was lacking.  It was decidedly one note.  In the past year of really exploring the city, we have discovered that the there is a trend in the food scene here.  Everything is geared towards fast-food (always present in the city) and overpriced burger joints, pricey taco bars and upscale (in price + the addition of green chiles to every dish) comfort food.  There is a lack of classic food, made in the classic manner in an affordable price range.  Who knew we could find our remedy in Mansfield, TX.  We discovered Susy Q’s – a soda fountain and grill attached to a Ray’s Pharmacy.  Good burgers that didn’t cost $9, root beer on tap (!) and the resulting Blue Bell and root beer float.  It’s the food item of the spring.  Root beer floats, people! We also spied some good looking chicken sandwiches and the real deal cherry limeades.  Susy Q’s on Broad St in Mansfield…check it out.  And then Emory met up with us for some pet store and book store action.  Evidently, we have photographic evidence that he is the new mascot of Half Price Books?  Yes, we did put him in the cart.  We just roll that way – diverse.