Your gardens will replace this waste of land

by lostindrawers

It’s no surprise that we absolutely love the city we live in. Fort Worth is our home. So, when we see a part of it that we love and frequent often going to waste (literally) with litter and trash  – we had to do something about it.  We are often at Trinity Park on the west side, walking Emory and taking in the scenic riverside.  Now, to be honest – the Trinity has a similar affinity to the Hudson River for its lack of cleanliness and….um, smell.  But it is pretty, it is ours as citizens of Fort Worth.  We were down on one of the several rock dams at the park, when we saw all the above trash floating in the water and a school of tiny baby ducks headed for the muck.  Luckily, Mama Duck saved them but it was a moment in which we knew we could do something.  So, today we did just that.  Armed with trash bags, rakes and the very needed rubber gloves – we headed to the river.  We worked and people watched and in the end – the river might not be 100% clean but that one area is better.  The creation is given a fighting chance despite human’s neglect and we got to DO instead of just say. A good day indeed.